The team meeting is invaluabe. It is during this time when leaders can communicate and update their staff on the comings and goings of the business. In as much as it is invaluable, it is also one of the least anticipated tasks in the workplace. One reason is the lack of knowledge on the different aspects of meeting management on the part of the leader. Another is how the leader monopolizes the discussion. Since leaders see the big picture it is usually their tendency to be directive and not consultative. How do we make out meetings more interactive and productive on the level of our staff? Here are some tips.

1. Have your staff report their tasks, accomplishments and challenges.

Nothing will make your staff more involved in meetings… and their jobs, other than a weekly report. This will help you get an understanding of their accomplishments and challenges. Reporting also allow you to engage with your staff on a micro level, which leads us to the next point.

2. Don’t just give out tasks, request for an action plan.

In as much as you the manager the macro level requirements of your business; your staff knows the micro level requirements of their role. Instead of telling them what to do you can ask them to make an action plan that can be implemented on a weekly basis.

3. Advice, Guide, and Support.

As the manager, you have to make sure that your staff’s action plans are aligned to the business goals. Also, that you can provide guidance and support in the actions they are going to make.

4. Follow up.

Conduct short team huddles on a daily basis for update purposes. This can be done during the first 15 minutes of the shift or before their shift ends. This way, the team can be reminded of their targets and you can make revisions to the action plan as necessary.