There are plenty of things that automation can handle but for everything else, there’s VAs. Your virtual assistant can take care of just about anything you can think of, and plenty of things that you haven’t even considered.

It honestly depends on your definition of “administrative”, but a virtual assistant can do anything, including the following tasks:

📊 Research & Analysis

They’re experienced in helping companies with a variety of services capable of meeting the demands of any fast scaling enterprise. All you have to do is let them handle all the hard work of researching and analyzing.

📸 Photo Editing

VAs have saved hundreds of hours for photographers and other creatives by handling photo retouching, tagging, and organization.

💻 Online Research

Whether your team needs information for product releases, intelligence for staying on top of what your competitors are doing, or finding supporting information for blog posts, your VA can do it.

📓 Data Entry

Whether you need a team of people to enter information, scan or even convert it, you can bet that a VA has got you covered.

📑Human Resources

Scaling a large organization can be a hassle when you have to sort through a large number of candidates. The VAs that I have been fortunate to work with can do everything from managing screening tests, assisting your HR department and much more.