4 Ways Taking Breaks Benefit You

“Git-er-Done!” is a humorous way of encouraging people to work and complete their tasks. But there are times that we use that term way too often that we forget to take breaks every now and then. Taking breaks is usually seen as a bad thing. Some see it as procrastinating or just being lazy. Believe it or not taking breaks has general work benefits as well. Here are four benefits of taking timed breaks during work.

1. It prolongs your life.

In a recent study, it was found that ‘bouts of inactivity that lasted on average 12.4 minutes or more had a risk of death almost twice that of those who were inactive for an average of less than 7.7 minutes at a time.’

2. It is an opportunity to prevent dehydration.

Getting a drink, pee breaks or some chit chat with a colleague makes all the difference. For example, even a ‘one percent decrease in total body water content can negatively affect our cognitive ability and mood.’ Dehydration slows your functionality and leaves you feeling tired, irritable and less creative.

3. Happiness = Productivity

The constant grind can wear down even the most optimistic people. If you’re a manager or business owner, provide opportunities for your employees to relax while in the workplace. Providing game consoles, a reading nook, or going outside, will not only make them happy, but productive as well.

4. It helps with your brain function.

Studies on cognitive psychology shows that humans need to process information. We store it, digest it and then use it. Your brain needs to do something else while it is working on the information in the background.