5 Things You Can Do to Motivate Your Team

“Motivation” is the thing in the business world today. This may have been brought about by the influx of millennials in the workplace. At any rate, motivation at every age is critical to achieving business goals and employee commitment. How do you make it happen? Check out the tips below.

Tip # 1: Set Clear and Measurable Goals.

Set up clear and measurable results with the team from the get go. Nothing dampens motivation more than uncertainty in the processes and moving targets. This requires clear communication efforts from management about how each individual can contribute to the overall success and the measurement methods.

Tip # 2: Provide Rewards and Recognition for Those Who DESERVE it.

When talking about rewards, think about 2 things…
1. Measure performance fairly.
2. Do not reward equally.

Not only will your finance person thank you for it, but your employees will want to work better.

Tip # 3: Performance Management Matters.

Be on the look out growth opportunities for the team. There will always be room for performance improvement. It is your job to know and provide the means to improve performance. Everyone is unique when it comes to learning agility. Developing a team with complimentary skills will pay dividends.

Tip # 4: To Thine Own Team be True.

Be honest with your team both on an individual and group basis. This allows you to develop trust that will fuel motivation.

Tip # 5: Connect on a Personal Basis.

Stay professionally connected with the team. Even when you are no longer working with them. Stay connected with each other over the years. The continuous networking benefits leaders greatly.