We’re simply a matchmaking service at heart. We look for serious, hard-working and dedicated virtual assistants in the Philippines and pair them with entrepreneurs from around the world. If you’re looking for a new career, then simply apply using one of the two methods below and we’ll contact you to begin the interview process.

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Why Apply? Hear what other VA's have to say:


As a developer, working from home gives me the freedom to have multiple clients. It’s not just about the money but also about the experiences or skills that I can gain while having multiple clients. Working in an office wouldn’t give me this kind of freedom.


 I’m an undergraduate of architecture. I never thought that I’d be able to work in the architecture industry because of that. I used to work in call centers to earn a living. There was one time when my friend in Manila asked me to help out with his Auto-Cad project because he was sick, after that project, I got the idea of applying for a home-based work and that’s where everything started. It has been 2 years and I am very happy with my clients and I am planning on finishing my degree.


Working as a virtual assistant from home has helped me raise my children. I am a single mommy and getting the chance to earn a living while fulfilling my duties as a mother is such a blessing for me. I will never go back to an office set-up again because this is how I see myself in the next 20 years. 


 Being past the age limit of most offices, I thought that I could never earn a living anymore. I worked for 30 years as an office secretary and when my boss left the company that I was working for, I thought that was the end of my career. One of my nieces introduced me to the work-from-home industry and she helped me land a job as a virtual assistant to a business owner in Europe. I serve as his second secretary for when his office-based secretary is off-duty. They trained me, and they were very patient with me until I got used to the tasks that I have. I work in the afternoon until late in the evening. The compensation that I receive gets my bills paid.