SEO… how do you do it for your business? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a big word but in essence it is making sure that when a person searches a topic related to your business in any of the top search engines –  your name will come out first page, even at the top. In doing SEO, you usually start with a keyword or keyword phrase. For example, you may have entered the search term ”SEO” to find this article.

To run an effective SEO campaign however, most companies will hire the services of consultants and managers. Why? because In today’s world, SEO is important for business success. First, more business is being done on the Internet. To be competitive in this new business environment, and tap this ever-growing market businesses will have to be savvy with this new medium. Second, internet marketing has a very basic goal… achieve targeted traffic. Not only that, they want interested visitors who will BUY. Third, there is literally billions of web pages and getting attention in this kind of noise, you have to create high quality and targeted content. As a business person you should be aware that your website will not generate traffic from the get go. You have to help it and it requires effort to generate just the right kind of traffic.

This is how SEO will make your business known. But if you are a starup and you dont have the resources to hire a firm, try looking for SEO virtual assistants.

What Does an SEO VA Do?

If you have been researching for a bit on SEO management then you may have an idea of the types of things this person can do. An SEO VA will mostly do specialized types of marketing management. Most of the things that will be done includes technical website optimization; being able to coordinate the creation and submission of content; Building online community and back links. An SEO VA will have to work with your Marketing team to monitor SEO projects from inception to completion. Specific competencies required for SEO VAs include keyword research, market analysis, and content optimization. SEO VAs will have to use SEO analytics to determine how effective the marketing and SEO campaigns are and provide recommendations if needed.

Why do I need an SEO VA?

Five words… It-Is-Here-To-Stay.  If you want traffic going to your website, you need to have an effective SEO game plan. It would be to you benefit if you have someone in your team who can take care of your business’s SEO. How will you find an SEO who will make you known? Click on  here to find out!