Selling is an Art, but it is also a Science. Selling real estate is one of those industries that rely heavily on the application of both. Do you want to take you real estate business to the next level? Hire a Virtual Assistant! Your Real Estate VA can help you manage the following process.


Marketing! This is how your business will be known. Hiring a VA who can handle your social media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. – will help in getting the word out!  These platforms will drive business to you. There’s so much repetitive work that goes into the development of online marketing and this is where a virtual assistant can help.

Leads Generation

This is key in making your real estate, or any business for that matter, flourish. As an entrepreneur engaged in real estate your cold calling and converting them to hot leads is the most time consuming. Generating and qualifying leads can be done by someone trained by you. Not to mention Leads Generation in this day and age have changed. Blog writing, website management, and legitimate social media accounts can help in generating a pool of leads.


The third is sales support. Having someone call and talk to clients is important in pre and post sale. Most agents focus on making two or three contacts to someone. The challenge is what if they’re not ready to buy today or sell on the day they were called? As a real estate entrepreneur you can have your VA follow a call system so you wont lose touch with your clientele. You can also have your VA manage the paperwork and contracts.