Millennials are not known for structure but productivity in today’s business context is dependent on it. On the surface it seems putting the words “millenial” and “structure” together in a sentence is next to impossible. However, in a way unique to this generation, these so called “unstructured” and “unproductive” millenials managed to surprise us with productivity tips. Read on to see the some productivity advice from millenial entrepreneurs.

Eat a live frog every morning…

And you will go through the rest of the day knowing the worst is over. When you look at your calendar, tackle the more difficult challenges first. Get them out of the way so you can work on the other “easier” items.

“Do the most difficult task first. You only have so much energy to expend in one day, and your ability to concentrate will dwindle as the day goes on. Therefore, you should complete the task that requires the most mental effort first.”Shaan Patel, CEO

Focus on the big picture

During team huddles and it is best when your team members see the big picture and they understand their contribution to how it will be accomplished. It helps boost team morale and individual motivation.

“When it comes to productivity, I use the Steve Jobs approach and set big milestones for my whole team. I give speeches every week and create an opportunity for everyone to work together in their capacities so that we accomplish the outcome we are looking for as a company.”Gerard Adams, Visionary

Plan Before Daylight Begins to Burn

Plan your activities the night before using your calendar, notebook, or any productivity app.

“The big key is to write out your daily tasks before the day even starts, and I usually do it the night before. This way when I wake up, I’m not wandering around. I’m focused. I like to check things off like a checklist. It helps create momentum and create a feeling of accomplishment.” – Adam Wenig, Digital Marketing Consultant.


until the only tasks left are those critical for you and your position. Using the Pareto Principle (where 80% of your intended results are delivered by doing the critical 20% of your tasks) delegate the mundane tasks to other people. Hiring a virtual assistant is a cost effective way of scaling your business without breaking the bank.

“The 80 / 20 principle is useful way beyond just business. I’ve been able to apply it to multiple facets of my life by asking myself the right questions. After years of being busy and not effective, I started to ask myself, out of all the tasks on my agenda, which ones will directly result in making money or achieving my current goal?.” Cody Mclain, CEO

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