Being productive is difficult and it is more challenging if your productivity is dependent on other matters. Sometimes productivity issues happen because of delays from other dependencies.  What can you do in these moments? Here are some tips:


This may seem counter intuitive but mistakes happen more often when decisions are made in stressful situations or with a mindset clouded by stress. If you are dealing with an urgent matter, take a 20 minute breather. A nap will be best.

Wake up early

Winston Churchill, Steve Jobs, Benjamin Franklin, Ernest Hemingway… what do they have in common? They’re early risers. Productivity challenges can usually be address by starting the day early.

Set reminders throughout the day

It doesn’t matter Calendar, sticky notes, notebook, etc. these are tools you can use to keep track of your deadlines, agreements and tasks. Make it a point to refer to these often.

Hold yourself accountable

Anticipate delays by checking up on your contacts. Report potential delays before it happens. Hold yourself accountable to your output and results. Besides, your productivity is your responsibility.